2020/2021 School Performing Arts in Practice Arts in Practice Scheme 2020/2021學校演藝實踐計劃

The Cinderella Creative Ballet in Practice Project aims to cultivate students’ interest in ballet. Through an interactive series of ballet training and innovative behind-the-scenes Cinderella-themed workshops, participants will have opportunities to improve their dance technique, exercise creative thinking and enrich their performing experiences. With the magical help of her fairy godmother and a glittering transformation, the kind and beautiful Cinderella thwarts her two scheming stepsisters to attend a grand ball where she meets her true love – the prince himself!

As participants experience Cinderella, they will learn how to effectively use body language to express genuine emotions in performance as well as create magic with set design and props. Whether onstage or behind the scenes, students can be a part of creating and performing a mini ballet drama of this classic happily ever after fairytale for their school’s teachers, students and parents during the much-anticipated Finale Performance.

本校參與由康樂及文化事務處舉辦的2020/2021學校演藝實踐計劃 - 《仙履奇緣》創意芭蕾課程,由香港芭蕾舞團提供為期8個月的創意芭蕾培訓課程。