Religious Education 靈育培養

We share the mission of the Lutheran Church of Hong Kong in the education of the whole person based on Christian values and at the core of our philosophy is to nurture students not only intellectually but spiritually through Christ-centred learning, enabling them to experience the spirit of love, build a spiritual life and look at the world through a Biblical lens from an early age. 

Biblical Studies 聖經課

We offer the Biblical Studies curriculum to expose students to various religious dimensions, allowing them to embark on a journey of seeking the truth about God, follow spiritual pursuits to shape an exemplary character and excel both academically and in all-round development.

Religious Assembly 宗教周會

All students and teachers assemble each week to pray together to give thanks to the Lord and the Lutheran pastor preaches sermons and passes on the biblical teachings to impart wisdom, helping students to understand the meaning of salvation and resurrection, the holiness of God and the essence of the truth to develop positive values to grow into honest and modest individuals.  

Christian Student Fellowship 學生團契

Students gather in fellowship after school with other devout believers to grow together in their Christian faith, motivate one another to acts of love and good works and put the word of God into practice. 

Worship Team 敬拜隊

Our worship team sing hymns to share divine love, praise the Lord and preach the Christian gospel to rejoice in Jesus Christ and walk in His footsteps in the context of a loving community.