The Gifted Talent Show 優才匯萃展繽紛

In seeking to expose students to a range of artistic disciplines, the Gifted Talent Show was held on June 27, 2019 to empower them to reap the fruits of their endeavours allowing them unrivalled opportunities to achieve the exceptional.  As well as raising their esteem to be self-assured, it was a spectacular success impressing our honoured guests with their amazing range of intelligences.  The rapturous applause they earned is the most powerful motivation for them to shine forth their light and live out their dreams along the way. 
本校於2019年6月27日舉行優才匯萃展繽紛The Gifted Talent Show,讓學生展示學習成果。匯演除了讓學生增添自信外,亦為在場來賓留下深刻的印象,十分成功。學生從中得到的鼓勵,成為他們日後發揮其獨有恩賜與才能的助力。
The student emcee adopted a distinctive style to introduce all performances in a drama. 
Chinese Choral Speaking 中文集誦隊
Worship Team敬拜隊
K-pop Dance Team
Ballet Team 芭蕾舞校隊
Fencing Team 劍擊隊
Taekwondo 跆拳道
Instrumental Ensemble 吹打樂隊
Chinese Orchestra  中樂團
Fancy Rope Skipping  花式跳繩隊
Martial Arts 中國武術
Western Orchestra (clarinet group) 西樂團(單簧管小組)
Chinese Dance Team 中國舞
Latin Dance Team 拉丁舞
A group portrait of performers, teachers and guests