Understanding Adolescent Project 成長的天空計劃

EDB has launched the UAP since the 2004/05 school year. The UAP is a comprehensive support programme for personal growth. It aims at enhancing primary students’ resilience in coping with the challenges they have to face as they grow up. Findings from students’ evaluation questionnaires indicated that students who have participated in the UAP generally made progress in anger management, conflict resolution, goal setting and interpersonal relationship. Both parents and teachers considered that the project would enhance students’ optimism, sense of belonging towards their families and schools, communication skills and co-operation with others.

教育局自 2004/05 學年開始推行「成長的天空計劃(小學)」,該計劃是一套全面 的個人成長輔助計劃,目的是提升小學生的抗逆力,以面對成長的挑戰。從學生評估問 卷分析反映,學生參加該計劃後,在情緒控制、解決困難、目標訂定、建立關係等各方 面都有進步。家長及教師均認為學生參與該計劃有助鞏固樂觀的態度、增強對家庭和學 校的歸屬感,而且在與人溝通和合作方面均有進步。