The Concordia Lutheran Education Fund 路德會協同助學解困基金

Our sponsoring body, the Lutheran Church of Hong Kong, has established a fund to administer scholarships and bursaries to award students in recognition of their outstanding achievements and great promise as well as lending wholehearted support to those with pressing financial needs and assisting them through their studies as far as possible.
本校辧學團體 - 香港路德會為學校設立基金,以獎勵品學優異的學生,以及援助有財政困難的學生繼續學業。

The Concordia Lutheran Education Fund
The Concordia Lutheran Education Fund aims to offer financial support to students suffering from misfortune, accidents and catastrophes to help them ride out the storm and continue their studies. 
To be eligible to apply for the financial aid, the applicant must: 
  1. be a student who is in grave peril as a result of misfortune, accidents and catastrophes.

  2. not be a beneficiary of this fund in the past 12 months.

  3. not be a CSSA recipient (Subject to the rules to prevent the grant of double benefits, all CSSA recipients are unable to take advantage of this financial program unless there is concrete evidence confirming that subsidies of the same nature under the CSSA Scheme are not received by the applicants.)

How to Apply: 
File an application through the class teacher and our appointed representative will be in touch with you shortly to assess your case on individual merits and process the application for the financial aid.  
Approval Process: 
Provided that all of the above criteria are fulfilled, our teacher will nominate students for the financial aid and seek approval from our IMC.
Remarks:備註: Our IMC reserves the right to grant final approval for the application.