Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence 肢體動覺智能

We endeavor to offer an array of training courses to inspire students' multiple intelligences in support of our mission to develop students in a rounded way. This holistic approach aims to nurture the unique needs of students and enrich their learning in various contexts. We strongly affirm in the belief that leading a healthy lifestyle is integral to the success of all individuals. To train students for physical fitness and help them adopt the lifelong habit of taking regular exercise which in turn improve their physical ability and coordination, we encourage them to attend our wide-ranging classes with nearly 20 different sports to choose from including floor curling, dodgebee, hockey, football, rugby, badminton, basketball, field events, fencing, martial arts, Taekwondo, fancy rope skipping,Chinese dancing, ballet and K-pop.
本校着重推廣多元化的體育發展,目的為提升學生體適能和身體的協調能力,培養多做運動的習慣,因此分別安排「多元智能活動課程」加入較特別的運動(地壺球、躲避盤、曲棍球) ,提升學生多做運動的興趣﹔課後也能參加劍擊、武術、跆拳道、花式跳繩、中國舞、芭蕾舞和K-pop,並且設立校隊(足球、欖球、羽毛球、籃球、田徑)作加強訓練,以幫助學生建立積極活躍的生活方式。