Overseas learning trips 海外學習之旅

In order to let our students explore the world in person, we have provided overseas learning trips for them. This may help them broaden their vision, enrich their life experience and further develop their minds and thoughts.
We hope that these overseas activities may bring our students the awareness of the importance of the English language skills, contact with the outside world, learning the cultural differences as well as the procession of independent and critical thinking abilities.



Missionary Trip to America 美國福音之旅

With the support of Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, our students have participated in the Vacation Bible School organized by Faith Lutheran Church in Kansas. They have also visited Lutheran primary and high schools in Kansas so as to understand Lutheran services and education. They learned how to share and help people in need. In addition to the American culture they have experienced, they have increased their self confidence and social skills.



Study Tour to Australia 澳洲學習之旅

Our students have visited Holy Trinity Lutheran School in Melbourne, Australia in the past years. They stayed with Australian families and joined different lessons at school. The programme
enhanced student's English abilities, and also their understanding of Australian culture. After the exchange programme, our students successfully broadened their horizons and developed their potential to face global challenges.