Our Honors

ETS TOEFL Primary® Global Assessment Excellence Awards 托福考試全球最佳成績大獎

English is an important language paving the way for students to achieve their ambitions for not only education but also future careers. By raising their awareness of the vital role English plays in today’s globalized world, students were encouraged to take the TOEFL Junior® and TOEFL Primary® tests in December 2020 and we are tremendously proud of their excellent results.  It is through this objective, reliable assessment that teachers, students and parents can have an accurate gauge of their linguistic competence when measured against their counterparts.  We wish them continuing success in accomplishing their aims, both now and in the coming years.

英語是一項重要的學習技能,學校為給予學生展示良好英語能力的機會,故安排學生在2020年12月參加了 TOEFL Junior® 及 TOEFL Primary® 考試,並取得優異成績,其中3年級黎俊豪同學勇奪全球最佳成績大獎「ETS TOEFL Primary® Global Assessment Excellence Awards」。透過托福考試這類客觀的英語能力評量工具,讓師生和家長能了解學生在學術及社交方面的英語程度,有助日後升學。