Our Honors

Energy Saving Charter 節能約章2020

In an effort to encourage all teachers and students to conserve energy and combat climate change, our school signed up to "Energy Saving Charter 2020 " and pledged:

  1. to maintain an average indoor temperature between 24-26°C during the summer months of June to September in 2020; 
  2. to switch off electrical appliances and systems when not in use and procure energy efficient electrical appliances (such as those with Grade 1 energy labels) and systems from June 2020 to May 2021; and
  3. to engage staffs and students to adopt the above energy saving practices together. 


  1. 在2020年夏季6月至9月期間,將平均室內溫度維持在攝氏24至26度之間;
  2. 在2020年6月至2021年5月期間,關掉不使用的電器及系統,並且採購具能源效益的產品(如貼有一級能源標籤的電器用具)及系統;及
  3. 與員工/學生/租客共同實踐以上節約能源措施